Top 10 Tips for Applying to University in 2017

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Applying to University in 2017

More students than ever are applying to university so competition in 2015 is going to be tough, but don’t let that get you down. With our top 10 tips you’ll be confident that you’re putting your best foot forward.

1. Choose the right university

You’re never going to get through the application process in one piece, or enjoy your time at university, if you don’t apply to the right one.

You can use our dedicated University Guides section to find a full A-Z list of all UK universities and read detailed guided for each one.

Universities know which students will do well on their courses, so don’t choose a course just because it vaguely interests you.

2. Make sure you complete everything

There are seven sections to the UCAS application form and until they’re complete you can’t finish the process.

These sections are: personal details, additional information, choices, education, employment, personal statement, and references.

Read our Ultimate Guide to UCAS Applications before you start so you’re fully prepared for the process.

3.  Know about the 2017 UCAS Tariff changes

Many of the changes won’t really affect students, but it’s always good to know about changes to the UCAS process and what the new 2017 Tariff means for you.

4. Write an outstanding personal statement

We know that’s easier said than done so we’ve got a dedicated Personal Statements section to help you blow everyone else out of the water.

5. Keep a university application calendar

You don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity because you got your dates mixed up.

Keep an eye on the Key Dates section of the UCAS website and make a note of the ones that apply to you.

6. Embrace what makes you different

One of the best things about university is meeting people from all walks of life, so if there’s something a bit different about you, make the most of it in your application.

We’ve got loads of great advice for those of you that are mature students, applying to university after a gap year, or perhaps have a criminal record.

7. Apply for student finance early

Starting university without your student finance sorted isn’t fun, trust us on this one.

Apply for your tuition fee and maintenance loans as early as you possibly can so all you’ll need to do is watch your bank balance rise on the first day of term.

8. Have a backup plan

Obviously the whole idea is to get into your first choice of university, but it’s always worth having a few other plans up your sleeve just in case something doesn’t work out.

For example, any of these seven gap year destinations sound amazing.

9. Know how to get through Clearing

Just like having a backup plan, knowing how to get through Clearing in one piece is essential to stating happy during the university application process.

Our Clearing section has everything you need to know in case your grades aren’t quite what you expected.

10. Get plenty of advice

The more advice you get about every aspect of university the more prepared you’ll feel to start term in September.

We’ve got advice on everything from choosing the right course to how to settle in to your university halls