Applying To University After A Gap Year

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Find out how to apply to university after a gap year

Taking a gap year is the perfect way to have a break after completing ‘A’ Levels and can give you the chance to earn some much needed cash and gain valuable experience before heading to university for another period of study.

The general advice if you’re thinking about taking a gap year is to continue with the usual application process during your final year at college and then take the “deferred applicant” option when you have been offered a place.

This means that you can go off on your travels or into a work placement without having to worry about applying for university later on during your gap year. If you’re planning on being abroad during your gap year you may find it difficult to find the time and resources to complete your application in the country you are travelling in.

It also gives you the chance to retake any exams if you don’t get the results you want or need during your time at college. If you’re unsure about whether you’ll get the required grades to be successful in your application then planning for a gap year can help to take the pressure off and give you a better chance of being successful.

What if I take a gap year and haven’t already applied to university?

If you went off on your gap year and only thought about applying to university when you got back then don’t worry. You can use your personal statement to tell admissions tutor what you did on your gap year, how this gave you skills and experience, and how these attributes are going to help you be a effective university student.

As competition for university places is high you may find yourself in a better position than students applying during college as you will already have your exam results to show the university you meet their academic standards.

You will also have gained skills and experience that will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants and may help you be successful in your application.