Advice for year 12: First Year of College

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Studying what you want to

Many teens look forward anxiously to their first year of college. Being in the sixth-form offers the Aberystwyth -University -student -working -on -beach -consti -behindchance to be far more independent; to study only what you want to; and, if you're moving to a new sixth-form college, a big shake-up in your life and your friendships. No wonder that together with jubilation, many new sixth-formers are also nervous about this new path in their lives.

But college can be incredibly rewarding. The challenge for most sixth-formers is to be able to discipline themselves without teachers hovering over their shoulders; to manage and give equal time to subjects which are studied in more detail than ever before. If you can manage that, the new subjects will represent a whole new way of studying, free to choose your own focuses and to put forward your own ideas.

Regents _mpuMany students will also be researching and applying to university courses at the same time, attending open days and working on their personal
statements. Luckily, the vast majority of sixth-formers have access to teachers or special staff who will support them, and brochures from different universities available.

Just remember: the right course is the course you like. If you already have a specific career goal in mind - whether it's pilot, nurse or financier - it makes sense to find out which course will get you there. But most sixth-formers don't have such clear ideas for themselves; and though your parents or teachers may have very strong opinions, it's important for you to choose a course you'll be happy with.