10 Most Popular Degree Courses in the UK

When you’re thinking about which course to study at university it can be useful to know which subjects are the most popular so you know how much competition you’ll have for a place.

Subjects are generally popular because they have the most interesting course content, the best graduate employment rates, and the best chances for career development and a higher salary.

Here are the 10 most popular degree courses in the UK, in reverse order:

10. History

Roughly 42,540 undergraduate students are currently studying a History degree making it the tenth most popular degree subject in the UK.

As a History student they’ll be taught to think and write analytically and build strong communication skills that will be highly transferrable after graduation.

9. Biosciences

This is a very broad subject that encompasses a variety of courses. 45,795 students are currently studying an undergraduate course that comes under the Biosciences umbrella.

8. Nursing

The number of students applying to study Nursing has been on the rise since 2009 and there are currently 53,400 Nursing students in the UK.

7. Education

Teaching has always been a popular option for university students, although a degree in Education doesn’t just lead to you becoming a teacher.

56,200 students are studying Education right now and career prospects go well beyond teaching children and teenagers.

6. Psychology

Another subject that has long been a popular choice among undergraduates and there are 61,055 Psychology students in the UK at present.

5. IT & Computer Science

In the digital age it’s no surprise that IT & Computer Science is in the top five most popular degree subjects in the UK. 62,670 are studying subjects that come in this bracket, giving them skills that make them exceptionally employable after graduation.

4. Art & Design

This course gives students a practical, theoretical, and contextual knowledge of all things Art & Design related. The 65,505 students also often have the chance to work in the industry and work like a professional artist or designer.

3. Sociology & Social Studies

The study of humanity and the societies we have created has always been a popular choice, and the 66,020 students that currently study it couldn’t agree more.

2. Law

Another longstanding popular degree course and there are 66,035 students currently studying for their Law degree. With strong analytical and communication skills there are many attractive career prospects for Law graduates that don’t have to include becoming a lawyer.

1. Business & Management Studies

Business degrees give you a strong grounding in all aspects of business from marketing to financial management, making you a highly desirable candidate for any number of jobs.

This means it’s no surprise that there are currently 124,375 students enrolled on the course, with a further 38,555 students studying Finance and Accounting courses.

These courses are very practical and many universities offer their students work experience placements or the opportunity for a year in industry to put their studies into practice and build a strong CV before they graduate.