Going to University can be daunting, add in the cost and you may have second thoughts. We have all the answers which will help you sail through the process.

Loans & Funding

Our team have gathered helpful information to  guide you through your loan and funding options for university - what you should consider, who you should speak to and much more..


With certain courses you can apply for a bursary to help you get the course you always wanted. We will compile the sources for bursaries here, so check if you can get a helping hand.

Degrees with Less Debt

Here are some tasters from the book. To read more, order Degrees with Less Debt through major online bookstores or through www.lifetime-publishing.co.uk/DWLD

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Thinking about uni but worried about money?

No, it doesn’t seem fair and some potential students have obviously been put off. Applications for courses in 2012 are significantly down with 15,000 fewer students opting for uni compared to 2011.

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Which 10 UK universities offer the best value?

The value you get from going to university is a very individual thing – it depends on your priorities and what you want out of life afterwards.

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How to Create the Right Budgeting Plan for You

Unless you’re lucky enough to go through university being financed by someone with unlimited resources then chances are you’re going to need to create some kind of budget to see you through without running out of cash.

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Student Finance Help – FAQs

Applying for student finance can seem like a tricky process, particularly if this is the first time in your family that someone has attended university.


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Financing Your Studies – What Are Your Options?

In the last few years there has been a lot of stories in the press about the soaring costs of university and many potential students find themselves wondering how they’ll pay for higher education.


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