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Why Study Art & Design?

With the number of people employed by the creative industries growing at a rate of 8.6% per year, compared to a national average across other industries of just 0.7% it's a great time to apply for a creative arts degree. Find out more today!

Why Study Art & Design?













Student Finance

Apply for finance early to be quid’s in at the start of term!

For the majority of students applying to the Student Loans Company (SLC) to finance their education is a necessary evil. Here are a few reasons why applying for your loan early is vital for a happy first term...

Student finance












The top 10 Increasingly Popular Degree Subjects

Everyone knows that trends change all the time and education trends are no different. So which courses are proving to be popular with the current intake of university students?

The top 10 increasingly popular degree subjects







Open Days Guide

Every open day, at every University in 2014. Enjoy!

University Open Days 2014 Guide

Open Day FAQs

Veterinary & Medical School Open Days




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