Tuition Fees & Help

Before you start university it is a good idea to have a look at what awards, bursaries, and other funds are available at the university you want to study at.

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University Fees

Universities in the UK charge annual tuition fees and for full time students in public institutions, these fees can be up to £9000/yr. Fees can be even higher in private institutions, but, the good news is, most students can apply for a government loan to cover the cost of their fees, and these payments will go directly from the government to the university.

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Tuition fees: your questions answered

The academic year that starts in autumn 2012 is the first ‘big fee’ year for UK students. Instead of the £3375 per year paid by students starting out last year, you will now need to pay up to £9000 per year, so £3000 per term.

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