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A Typical Day

At CU Coventry, teaching is at the heart of everything we do. We offer a structured teaching week with the flexibility of morning or afternoon classes, depending on your course, to help you study around your other commitments. This can be an ideal option if you are a mature student returning to education or need to fit your studies around your job or home life.

As a full-time student, you will be in lectures, discussion groups and seminars for 18 hours a week. In addition to this you will also have 2 hours with your tutor in groups of no more than 5 to make sure that you are comfortable with how your studies are going.

Our students define what it is to be unique. They rock 10,000 fans in a band, become proud parents, play football and volunteer in a maternity ward. Let our stories in Coventry, London and Scarborough inspire you and your ambitions.

Study hours

CU Coventry has structured days, meaning a typical day would involve four hours of study every day, whether that be from 9am-1pm or 2pm-6pm. We have a practical, hands-on approach, so the four hours will be broken down in to seminars with tutors, discussions, debating groups and research in our IT suites.

You will have breaks throughout your sessions and this will enable you to relax in our student lounge or our American Diner where breakfast, lunch and snacks are available.


Additional study

Outside of CUC, we would of course be expecting you to complete some extra research, revision and project work. Our flexible hours should also allow you to look for some part-time work, supported by our Careers & Employability team and hopefully in an organisation and role related to your studies.


Assessment will take the form of individual and group coursework, which is vocationally relevant. The wide range of assessment techniques used at CU Coventry will ensure that you have every opportunity to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in full.

Study tools

At CU Coventry we want to help make your study time as useful and accessible as we can. We have made the following study tools available for all of our students:

  • Moodle
  • Computer resources
  • IT Services
  • Library and Learning Services
  • Reading rights to Coventry University Lanchester Library

CU Coventry

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