University of East Anglia


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UEA has four Faculties with Schools’ academic strengths covering a range of interdisciplinary subjects:

Faculty of Science:

Actuarial SciencesBiological SciencesNatural SciencesEngineeringEnvironmental SciencesChemistryPharmacyMathematicsComputing SciencesGeography

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Art, Media and American StudiesHistoryLiterature, Drama and Creative WritingPolitics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies

Faculty of Social Sciences

EconomicsNorwich Business SchoolLawInternational DevelopmentEducation and Lifelong; LearningSocial WorkPsychology

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Health Sciences (Occupational Therapy; Physiotherapy; Speech and Language Therapy Nursing Sciences) Medicine

Training options also include short course professional development opportunities.