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Our accommodation ranges from on-campus halls of residence to managed flats and houses, all of which are self-catering and the majority being single study bedrooms. 

Accommodation - Canterbury
There are two halls of residence available for students studying at UCA Canterbury.

  • Ian Dury House, which is situated on campus and comprises nine flats, each housing six students in single en suite bedrooms. 
  • Hotham Court, situated off campus and housing a total of 107 students in a mix of two, four, five and six-bedroom flats and houses.

Accommodation - Epsom
There are four halls of residence for students at UCA Epsom. These are both on and off campus.

  • Worple Road is situated on campus and accommodates a total of 58 students. All rooms have en suite facilities (shower, toilet and washbasin).
  • UCA_accom 02Woodcote Side is about a mile from campus and houses up to 60 students in ten flats and two houses. Each flat/house has shared facilities.
  • Ashley Road is in town, less than half a mile from campus and comprises six flats of up to seven students and accommodates 28 students in total. Each flat has shared facilities.
  • Wilberforce Court is next to the campus. Wilberforce Court houses up to 70 students. Each flat has shared facilities.

Accommodation - Farnham
There are two halls of residence on campus at Farnham:

  • The Student Village has purpose-built houses and flats for up to 343 students. Each house/flat has shared toilet and shower facilities and accommodates up to eight students in single study bedrooms, each with their own washbasin.
  • The Main Hall has seven flats, each with four or five students. Each flat has shared facilities and there is a washbasin in each bedroom.

Accommodation - Rochester
There is one hall of residence for students at UCA Rochester, which is situated by the river and is about five minutes' walk from Rochester Station.

  • Doust Way has a total of 214 en suite study bedrooms, arranged into flats of six bedrooms each.

With modern halls of residence, student villages, local houses and flats managed directly by the University, there are options to suit a range of different tastes, lifestyles and budgets. We also provide extensive lists of private accommodation to assist you in searching for the right home for you. Whilst you are at University, your safety and welfare are extremely important to us. We have out-of-hours support available through our teams of student wardens. Find out more.