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Founded in 1976, the University of Buckingham holds a unique position in Higher Education in the UnitedKingdom. Like other traditional universities, Buckingham is a non-profit making charity; we have a Royal Charter which allows us to award our own degrees and to validate the teaching of Buckingham degrees across the world. But unlike other universities, we do not take money from the government, which gives us the freedom to choose our own path and above all to focus on the needs of our students.

Thus Buckingham has three main priorities: quality, employability, and student satisfaction.

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Why Choose Buckingham?

  • Complete your degree in just two years
  • Small class sizes and tutorial teaching
  • 98.1 of our graduates employed within 6 months
  • Leading student satisfaction in the National Student Survey (NSS)  since 2006

Quality teaching

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Teaching is carried out through a combination of lectures supported by seminars and tutorials.

A key feature of the Buckingham teaching method is the use of small tutorial groups which provide the most effective means of ensuring that the students benefit from the academic expertise at their disposal. It is also the philosophy of Buckingham’s faculty to be available to students outside the scheduled tutorial times and to encourage good working relationships between staff and students.

The Two-Year Degree

Buckingham has pioneered the two-year honours degree. Studying for two years at Buckingham allows you to gain an equivalent degree to one achieved in three years elsewhere. This is made possible by our restructuring of the academic year to provide an additional term each summer. So you fit in the same number of teaching weeks as on a conventional three-year programme, but your work-load in any term is no greater. Buckingham is not a ‘crammer’ and we don’t cut corners.

What’s more, the two-year degree can save you money as well as time. Although our annual fee is higher than elsewhere, you save the cost of a whole year’s tuition and maintenance. And of course you’ll start earning a salary a year earlier too.

Some of our undergraduate programmes can also be studied over three years if that is what you prefer.

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High calibre staff

Academic staff teach for three terms out of four, with the remaining term used for research purposes. Because of this, we have no difficulty attracting high calibre, highly respected academics, many of whom have a background in business or industry and can offer networking opportunities for students. 

Graduate Employment

The University of Buckingham has one of the highest graduate employment rates in the UK.

Our graduates have gone on to further study at some of the world’s leading universities, including Harvard, London, Oxford and Cambridge and secured jobs in senior positions around the world.

Universityofbuckingham _overview 02During your time at Buckingham, you can use the resources of the Careers Service to plan your career. There is an extensive Careers Library and career advisors to help you make a decision about your future. There are workshops to develop your job-search skills and events to attend, all this, right through from your very first term, to graduation and beyond.