UCLan Burnley

UCLan Burnley Open Events

Visit the UCLan Burnley Open Event on Saturday 15 October from 11am – 2pm and learn about why Burnley offers you an amazing student experience and your best chance of success.

Find out about:

  • Money – managing your finances and living like a student, with a free “cooking on a shoestring” demo
  • Experience – loving life like a student, including live in-house DJ
  • Realising your Potential – inspirational talks and valuable careers advice from the experts
  • Navigate your Career – Guidance from the National Careers Service and business professionals about the graduate skills employers are looking for
  • Parents Surgery – A chance for parents to ask the questions they’ve always wanted to ask about university

You will also be able to talk to tutors and find out more about each UCLan Burnley school, giving you detailed information on the subjects and courses you’re most interested in. Click on each school to find out more about them.

Info to help make your money go further

Think “student”, think “skint”, right? Wrong.

Visit our fees and finance surgeries to find out how much money you’ll really have at Uni, and pop along to our budget cooking demos to find out how best to spend that all important food budget wisely.

Experience Life

What sets University life apart from College life is the ability to feed your passions. You’ll find that there’s a society at UCLan Burnley for every interest, a venue in Burnley for every music fan, a gym and fitness club for every sports enthusiast and a restaurant or café to suit every palate.

For an even wider Uni experience, find out how to get out into the stunning countryside that’s on your doorstep, take a direct train to Manchester or visit UCLan Preston’s student union.

Realising your Potential

If you were in a lift with the person who could decide your future, how would you sell yourself? Hear from experts about how to hone you “elevator pitch” for when conciseness really counts.

You’ll also be able to pick up valuable info on becoming an interview champion, volunteering opportunities as a UCLan Burnley student and hear talks from inspirational people.

Navigate Your Career

Want to be your own boss? This stall has an in-house expert speaking about setting up a business and getting entrepreneurial with your ideas. Here you can also speak to professionals about why businesses are looking for Business graduates and find out from UCLan alumni what skills they’ve used the most when finding a job after graduating.

Support Services

Visit our Support Services team in their zone to find out EVERYTHING. We mean it – if it’s something you need as a student, they know what to do. That includes welfare support, counselling, council tax and other bills you might need to think about and even UCAS application support.

FREE PIZZA! Click here to pre-register and you’ll receive free pizza and refreshments at the event on Saturday 15 October.

Choosing a University is the first life-changing decision you’ll make. What’s more important than being informed enough to choose to study something you love, somewhere that will be able to help you achieve your potential?

Visit the UCLan Burnley Open Event on Saturday 15 October, 11am – 2pm to find out how your first big decision could be an exceptional one.