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NMiTE – New Model in Technology and Engineering

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NMiTE – New Model in Technology and Engineering

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NMiTE – New Model in Technology and Engineering

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NMiTE – New Model in Technology and Engineering

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NMiTE premises are conveniently located just a few minutes away from Hereford’s city centre and new shopping development. The city is host to many independent shops and popular eateries, all whilst being nearby to many green and spacious public spaces and local pubs and clubs.


Library and Study Facilities

NMiTE benefits from a unique partnership with the local library for physical books and resources, as well as an e-first policy – which will consist of a free, easy and intuitive system for NMiTE’s learners to search, read and download many titles! You’ll be able to read downloaded material via the NMiTE network without having to remain online (which means you can study anywhere, without having to worry about your mobile data!) 

NMiTE’s unique approach to teaching is reflected in our teaching spaces and equipment.  Our well-equipped studio spaces contain all you need for prototype development and small-scale testing.  Our learners can get involved in activities from day one and continuously throughout their MEng, rather than learning in abstract lectures. These are supported by well equipped “factories” for building and then testing larger and more sophisticated items.  Key facilities include electronics, manufacturing and mechanical engineering areas.


Careers Service

“You won’t come here to study engineering, you’ll come here to be an engineer.’ – Elena Rodriguez-Falcon, President and CEO

We are focused on addressing the UK shortage of work-ready engineers. That is why the experimental nature of our planned programme and close links with employers will support learners and help guide them into their future careers.

You will build a portfolio of work over 3 years from working alongside our many employer partners in a ‘learning by doing’ environment. Our programme aims to give you the education and experience to help launch you towards success.


Student Union

We’re doing everything else differently, so why not our student union too? We’re making the city of Hereford our student union. We are passionate about integrating ourselves into the local community and what better way than to utilise all the wonderful things Hereford has to offer. You can expect exclusive discounts from the many local shops, bars, restaurants and cafes as well as frequent events and themed evenings.

More details coming soon!



Getting around the city centre is easy, with pretty much all of it being within walking distance from both NMiTE’s accommodation and campus. Hereford have recently introduced Beryl Bikes to their ways of getting around the city, with plenty of bike bays and even more being added each month. The city centre buses are easy to get to and regular too!

If Hereford has one thing, it’s plenty of green spaces. From the Cathedral green, to the wide-open space of King George Playing field’s, all are just minutes from the centre and ideal spaces for socialising and studying. You’ll be spoilt for choice with Hereford’s range of independent cafes and bars and there is an abundance of local activities and clubs to join (which you’ll receive plenty of information on!).

On Campus, you’ll have all you need to make the most of your studies. There will be a place for learners to go during the day to dine and socialise, and all the facilities you could possibly need to bring the ‘learning by doing’ experience to life.

Whilst you’re here, NMiTE is your home. We’ll make sure you have all the support and things you need to settle in and make the absolute best of the learner experience.


Medical and Welfare Services

NMiTE is already linked with a local GP practice for access to Primary Care services – we also have a range of specialist providers for specific advice and guidance on certain issues. The NMiTE team have been First Aid Trained as well as trained in First Aid for Mental Health, we really are committed to providing the best possible care to all our learners.

NMiTE’s learners will have access to the health and wellbeing platform ‘Rightsteps’ which has been designed to offer an additional layer of support for those who need it.

New Model in Technology and Engineering (NMiTE)

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