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UCAS Clearing 2014

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Applying through Clearing

We want you to be prepared for Clearing and we know some students worry more than others. Whether you want to get clued up now, or you need to catch up fast on results day, we have masses of information and advice, all ready and waiting!

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Clearing Vacancies Recruiting NOW! 

Check out what Clearing Vacancies are available now by visiting our sponsored University Clearing profiles below. 

Whether you have already applied through UCAS but are not holding any offers, or if you have yet to apply to university you can get all the clearing information you need to know right here, right now!

Clearing 2014_bolton

News -list -item -bkgUniversity of Bolton
Recruiting NOW!

The University of Bolton still has limited places available on a wide range of courses starting this September. Spaces are filling up very quickly so get in touch with us now.

Clearing 2014_UCA

News -list -item -bkgUniversity for the Creative Arts
Recruiting NOW! 

University for the Creative Arts (UCA) is a specialist arts university with unique creative communities for students, where like-minded people share in the creative process.

Clearing 2014_greenwichunibox

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University of Greenwich
Recruiting NOW!

The University of Greenwich is home to a thriving community of over 26,000 students of all ages and from over 140 countries.

Clearing 2014_ioebox

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The Institute of Education (IOE)
Recruiting NOW!

The Institute of Education (IOE) is ranked number 1 worldwide for Education (QS World Rankings) and is the only institution dedicated entirely to education and related areas of social science. 

Clearing 2014_LSBFbox

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London School of Business & Finance Recruiting NOW!

London School of Business & Finance offers industry-focused programmes designed to reflect global market trends. LSBF attracts the most talented and ambitious candidates from more than 150 countries worldwide. 

Clearing 2014_metfilmschoolbox

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Met Film School
Recruiting NOW!

At Met Film School, we believe that your undergraduate degree is both one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make, as well as one of the greatest experiences you’ll have in your life.

Clearing 2014_sunderlandbox

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University of Sunderland
Recruiting NOW!

University of Sunderland offer exciting Study opportunities, brilliant work placements and a high quality of teaching – our student satisfaction is amongst the highest in the North East.

Clearing 2014_swanseabox

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Swansea University Arts & Humanities Recruiting NOW!

If you want to study Languages, Literature, History, Media and Politics and are interested in gender, race, ethnicity and culture from ancient to the present time, come and join us at the College of Arts and Humanities at Swansea University. 

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Clearing 2014 articles

All the information you need to help you get through clearing!

Clearing _musicUCAS Clearing 2014 Music 

Are you looking to apply for a Music degree via clearing? Remember when you’re applying for a practical course, such as Music, you may also need to interview or audition before being offered a place. 

Clearing _physicsClearing 2014 Physics

Getting organised for Clearing is the best way to ensure that you get a place at university, especially if you’re going to be applying for a popular course such as Physics. Find out more about what you need to know when you apply!

Clearing _biologyUCAS Clearing 2014 Biology

Places for popular courses, such as Biology, are usually filled within the first week after Clearing officially opens, so make sure you are prepared to show the admissions tutors why you deserve a place on your chosen clearing course. 

Clearing _humanitiesclearingStudying Humanities In Clearing 

If you’re faced with the prospect of going through Clearing it can be difficult to know what to study. For those of you looking for a degree that will show you both how humans process their experiences and how they document them then studying a subject classed as a “Humanities” subject might be the right choice.

Clearing _callingclearingClearing 2014 What To Say When Calling Universities

When calling Universities during clearing you’ll need to be organised and know what you’re going to say before you pick up the phone. Here are some top tips for a successful phone call to the university admissions department.

Clearing _scotlandclearingUniversity Clearing 2014 Scotland

If you’re applying to a Scottish university during Clearing it’s important to have all the information you need to hand. If you are looking for contact details and UCAS codes for the higher education institutions in Scotland find out more...

Clearing _accommodationUniversity Accommodation When Entering Via Clearing 

Not all universities can guarantee first year students get accommodation by the time they apply via Clearing so it’s important to make finding out what options you have for accommodation a priority. Find out more...

Clearing _alternativestoclearingAlternatives To Clearing 

Finding yourself without a university place on results day can be disappointing
and leave you feeling stressed about your future.This year A Level results day,
and the day Clearing officially opens, is 
14th August 2014. From then you’ll
have until 
30th September to find a university place.

Clearing _wherecanigetclearingadviceWhere Can I Get Clearing Advice? 

Entering Clearing can be a stressful time and it’s good to know that there are places you can look for advice about your future. Clearing is the UCAS process of matching students without university places to universities with course vacancies.

Clearing _whocanuseclearingWho Can Use Clearing? 

If you’re eligible for clearing you’ll need to be prepared and move quickly to get a place on your dream university course. Not sure if your eligible? Find out more... 

Clearing _AguidetocontactinguniversitiesA Guide To Contacting Unis During Clearing

If you’re not sure you’re going to get the results you need then getting everything organised. Before you phone you’ll have to have your Clearing number, your personal statement, your exam results, and a pen and paper to write down anything important.

Clearing _ChoosingaclearingcourseChoosing A Clearing Course

It helps to keep an open mind when you’re going through Clearing as you might have to consider a university or course you haven’t thought about before. As long as you do your research you’re sure to make a decision that suits your needs.

Clearing _clearingvsgapyearClearing or a Gap Year? 

If you find yourself without the grades you need on A Level results day can be disappointing and it can also be stressful. Instead of going to university you suddenly find yourself with a lot of decisions to make – fast! Realistically you have two choices: Clearing or taking a gap year. 

Clearing _howmanyuniversitiescan Iapplytoin ClearingHow Many Unis Can I Apply To In Clearing 

You can phone as many universities as you like but you can only apply for one Clearing choice on UCAS Track at a time. If you apply and are unsuccessful or change your mind then you’ll be able to apply for a new choice soon afterwards.

Clearing _Howtoadda Clearingchoiceon UCASTrackHow To Add A Clearing Choice On UCAS Track 

When you’ve made up your mind about which university offer you want to accept you’ll need to add it on your Track page. This counts as you definitely accepting the offer. You can only add one Clearing choice at a time but if the university doesn’t confirm your choice then you’ll be able to add another one.

Clearing _Whatifyoudon 'tfindaclearingplaceWhat To Do If You Don't Find A Clearing Place 

If you do find yourself in the clearing process, don’t panic! You might not have found your perfect course but this doesn’t have to mean the end of your education – you just need to rethink you plans slightly.

Clearing _whatisclearingWhat Is Clearing

Clearing is a part of the UCAS process that matches students without university places to universities without the full number of students for their courses. Find out more today!

Clearing _howtoenterclearingHow To Enter Clearing

Clearing is a part of the UCAS process that matches students without university places to universities without the full number of students for their courses. Find out how to enter Clearing 2014.

Clearing _2014factsClearing 2014 FAQs

Read a wide selection of Clearing 2014 frequently asked questions that will help you keep calm and get that university place if things don't go to plan on results day!

Clearing _2014datesClearing 2014 Dates

To make sure you know what’s going on and to help you get organised and keep on top of all the application deadlines we’ve put together a UCAS Clearing timeline:

Clearing _alevelresultsA Level Results Day

This year A Level results day is being held on 14th August, 5th August if you’re in Scotland. Here is our guide to results day, regardless of whether you meet your firm offer or not.

Clearing _ucastrackA Guide To UCAS Track

This year A Level results day is being held on 14th August, 5th August if you’re in Scotland. Here is our guide to results day, regardless of whether you meet your firm offer or not!

Clearing _clearingchecklistUniversity Clearing 2014 Checklist

If you’ve been entered for Clearing – either because you haven’t met your offers, have declined all your offers, applied after 30th June, or weren’t made any offers – then being organised is the key to getting a university place.

Clearing _clearinglistinfoClearing 2014 Course List Info

Find out where to find the full list of course vacancies for Clearing 2014 with Apply To Uni's helpful guide. 

Clearing _parentsClearing 2014 Advice For Parents

Results day can be a stressful time for everyone, parents included, especially if you discover that your son or daughter hasn’t gotten into their university of choice. 

Clearing _clearingsciencecoursesClearing Science Courses 

Many science-based courses have some scary entrance requirements, with many universities looking for ABB or better. What if you haven’t made your predicted grades – do students get places on science courses through clearing?

Clearing _clearingartscoursesClearing Arts Courses 

If you’ve set your heart on studying an arts course but have doubts you may have not got the grades, you need to prepare for results day and have a plan for clearing.

Clearing _clearing 2013howdoesitworkClearing 2014 – How does it work?

Clearing 2014 - How does it work is a great place to start. This in-depth article provides an overview of everything you need to know about clearing, what happens, what the clearing process involves and what are the crucial dates for Clearing 2014.

Clearing _ucasclearingprocessThe UCAS clearing process

The UCAS clearing process explains in detail the UCAS track system and what happens on results day if you have to make an application through Clearing 2014.

Clearing _random1Important dates and deadlines in the application process

Use this guide before, during and after Clearing 2014 to make sure you don’t miss an important date.

Clearing _clearinghotlinenumbersClearing 2014: the university hotline numbers

The University hotline numbers will be invaluable on results day if you don’t get your expected grades. Our guide lists all the university Clearing 2014 telephone numbers so that you can act early and get your clearing application in progress.

Clearing _guidetoadjustmentOur guide to clearing and adjustment 

Our guide to clearing and adjustment explores how you can use clearing if your grades are a lot better than you anticipated. You can go through clearing to improve your choice of uni as well as finding a place if your grades fall short.

clearing-tipsTips for clearing 2014 

Our helpful clearing 2014 tips section gives great tips and advice on how to get the very best out your clearing experience in 2014. If you don't achieve the grades you need, all is not lost. Check out our clearing 2014 tips for advice. 

Results-day-survival-guideResults day survival guide

A Level results day is a time of mixed emotions and you’ll probably want to laugh, cry, be sick, jump around, and run screaming through your college corridors all at the same time. To help you think straight and get through the big day here is our results day survival guide.

Clearing -2014-startWhen does clearing 2014 start

Applying for university can be a stressful time and one of the most stressful moments is when you get that envelope on results day. Not getting the results you want is disappointing but don’t that that means the end of the road towards university. Find out when clearing 2014 starts!

Other useful information for Clearing 2014

These Apply to Uni articles are not specifically about clearing but if you find yourself having to rethink your choice of uni, they are definitely worth revisiting.

Clearing _unicourses 2013Choosing your uni for 2014

Narrow down your university choice by checking out our unique grades table. You can find out which group of universities are going to fit best with the exam grades you’ve got.

Clearing _random2

  UK University Listings

 Our listing of UK universities will also be useful if you want to look for    universities by location.


Clearing _coursesCourses

Our extensive course information will help if you need to rethink your choice of subject.



The definitive guide to the top universities in the UK and our article on University league tables could be useful if you are going through clearing for adjustment.


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