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Choosing your uni for 2014

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Narrowing down your choice of University

You need to consider many factors when narrowing down your choice of university. Which institution offers the course you want to do? What individual universities offer in terms of modules within a course? The location of the university – city, rural, near home or far away. Academic reputation of the university, opportunities for sports and social activities. 

When you have generated your shortlist based on many other preferences, you still need to consider which universities are going to make up your five choices so that you get the best overall chance of getting a university place once your A level results are in.

How do you know what university offers are likely to be?

Article _choosingyouruni 02Until now, it was not possible to look at one source comparing all the different universities according to the offers they are likely to make in 2014. This information is pretty much buried in individual uni websites so students had to do all their own research. Yes, there were league tables produced by national newspapers but these take many factors into account and aren’t specific for 2014 entry.

Applytouni has done all this hard work for you and you can now view this info exclusively on our website. From university open days to personal statement examples, Applytouni covers everything you need to know about going to University.

How grades equate with UCAS points

The first thing to do is look at your target grades for your A levels. You can see from the first table how to convert these into UCAS points.

 Article _gradestable _aleveltable

University points tables

Now you have an idea of points per grade the four tables below will give you the minimum and maximum entry level points for Russell Group, 1994 Group, Alliance Group, Million + Group Universities. 

Article _choosingyouruni _russelgroup

Article _unigradetable 1994group

 Article _allianceuniversitygraph

Article _gradetables _milliongroup

Article _gradestable _othergroup

As expected, the traditional, high-achieving Russell group universities are top with the highest minimum offers. Many of the 1994 group members are also quite high with the universities who want 3As at A level. The other major groupings of universities are think-tanks, so they are spread throughout the table, with the Million + group made up of the newer universities who tend to have much lower minimum offers.

University grades table

The nitty gritty – how this data was collected

For all the universities in the list, we have checked the published entry requirements currently available (Oct 2013) for 2014 entry for 5 different courses. These were a general spread between arts courses, humanities and sciences (typically maths, English, biology, history and business).

A few examples:

  • Article _choosingyouruni 04A student expecting 3A* A level passes would expect an offer from any university in the list.
  • If you are likely to get BBB grades, you still have some Russell Group choices for your first choice, but it would be wise to include some mid-range institutions, ones that will offer at around 260 points, with a back up of maybe 240 points.
  • If you are struggling to get up to CCC level, but you still want to get into university to do the course of your dreams, you still have a choice of several universities offering around the 180-220 level.

Article _massivegraph

UCAS Points TableSome important notes

This table is a guide; you still need to check your individual course at the universities you are interested in. Course requirements do vary and we have not checked every course at every university – not by a long way.

Information on entry requirements is quite hard to find on most university websites, so if you are unsure, contact them directly, or check their printed prospectus for more information.

When you get your results, remember that if your grades give you 20 or 40 points lower than your offer, always check the UCAS tracking system before going into despair. A university will look at every student who has them as first choice using additional criteria. If they liked your personal statement and your enthusiasm, you may find your offer of a place still stands. They may well accept you before going to look at students with your points in clearing, who haven’t even placed them within their original top 5.


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