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Whether you’re after a three-year degree, a one-year diploma, postgraduate studies or even just a week-long taster session in the summer holidays, we’ve got the music course for you.

We offer a range of accredited full-time and part-time courses across our five College locations – London, Brighton, Manchester, Bristol and Dublin.

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Learn practical skills and techniques in the classroom before taking to the stage at your weekly Live Performance Workshop. You’ll be slapping and popping with the best of them before you know it.


Develop your writing technique as part of a community of gifted musicians. You’ll learn the tricks of the trade from some of the UK and Ireland’s best songwriters as you analyse some of history’s most celebrated songs.


Develop your vocal tone, perfect those licks and runs, master your vibrato and learn to control your breathing. Then amaze the crowds on stage in your weekly performance class.


Develop your musical style and find your niche as a performer with tuition in drumming techniques, styles and music theory. Plus there’s always plenty of opportunities to go wild onstage.


Bring your talent to life with technical tuition from some of the best guitarists on the scene. Then turn your amp up to 11 at your weekly Live Performance Workshop and totally blow your audience away.

Event Management

Learn the ins and outs of the contemporary events industry, where you’ll gain business and management skills across a wide range of potential career paths. Plus put your practical skills to the test working on events, festivals, club nights and more.

Music Business

Develop your skills as a music business practitioner across a wide range of contexts. You’ll be encouraged to express your entrepreneurial spirit with collaborations, gigs, work-based learning opportunities and even business ventures of your own.

Music Journalism

Get the competitive edge you need to become a successful music journalist by developing dedicated skills in journalism and public relations, all within the specific context of the music industry. You’ll hone your craft by regularly reviewing and interviewing BIMM’s talented students.

Music Production

Progress your abilities as a producer across a wide range of contexts while you learn technical, project management and business skills. Rock the Mac labs and take your music to the next level with the help of the cutting-edge kit you’ll have access to.

Live Sound

Develop essential live music skills to a semi-professional level, including front of house and monitor live sound mixing, backline technician support, tour management, live recording and more.

Summer School

Make this coming summer your best yet by attending one of our five-day Summer Schools. Choose from Performance or Music Production courses and hone your skills with the help of expert tutors and a different special guest each day.

Teacher Training

Achieve a confident and enjoyable start to teaching with our PG Cert course, which mixes practical ‘hands-on’ education with academic theory and analysis. You’ll be mentored by a highly experienced teacher who’ll guide you through all aspects of the job.