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Engineering, but not as you know it!

You’re about to take a journey into a totally new higher education experience.

If you think you’re one of the world’s challengers and pioneers, join us. Because we’re educating a new generation of engineers whose diverse backgrounds will give them the mindset to think – and work – differently.

We need to build a better future together.

We’re so passionate about changing engineering education to meet this challenge that we’ve redesigned the whole learning process – from curriculum to classroom, admissions to assessments, industry partnerships to internships.

We’ve asked why and why not about everything!

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The NMITE MEng Integrated Engineering

Conceived by rebels. Modelled after the best engineering universities in the world. Developed by engineers, industry and students. Immersed in design and innovation. Delivered in the context of real-world challenges. Infused with practical skills. Tested by learners. And, most importantly, quality assured and scrutinised to meet the same high academic standards of all other higher education institutions.

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