Top Universities in Clearing


Just in case you missed the memo, Clearing is the UCAS process of matching students without university places to universities with course vacancies.

You’ll be eligible for Clearing if you apply for university after 30th June 2020, haven’t applied for university by A Level results day, aren’t made any offers by universities, or fail to meet the entry requirements set by the university that makes you an offer.

Years ago Clearing was generally considered to be scraping the bottom of the barrel and many students felt that they would only be offered places at lower universities.

However, these days that really isn’t the case, and in 2014 three quarters of the Russell Group universities offered over 3000 course vacancies during the Clearing period.

If you think you’re going to be entered into Clearing this year, don’t panic, we’ve got plenty of great Clearing advice and there are some amazing universities that have already committed themselves to offering places during Clearing.

Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial, and LSE have chosen to opt out of Clearing for another year, but the rest of the Russell Group universities are all offering places.

Here are the top 18 universities for Clearing 2020. Good luck!

University of Birmingham

Birmingham has 181 courses with vacancies for the Clearing 2017 period including Education, Nuclear Engineering, and African Studies.

Cardiff University

There are 254 vacancies up for grabs this year at Cardiff University on courses such as Law, Engineering, and some Social Sciences courses.

Durham University

Not as many places available at Durham, in fact just 25, but you can choose from subjects such as Pharmacy and Finance.

University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh may be offering a small number of Clearing vacancies to non-EU international students, however they will not be offering any other vacancies.

University of Exeter

If you’re interested in subjects such as English, Geography, History, or Politics then you’re in luck as there are 22 vacancies for these courses at University of Exeter, as well as others.

University of Glasgow

There are 394 course vacancies at the University of Glasgow for students looking to study subjects including Spanish, Accountancy, and Classics.

King’s College London

King's College London is offering 46 courses during the Clearing 2017 period including Theology, Nutrition, and War Studies.

University of Leeds

A popular university, Leeds has 355 course vacancies for subjects including Fine Art, Sociology, and Cultural Studies.

University of Liverpool

There are 414 course vacancies at the University of Liverpool for a variety of subjects including Geology, Egyptology, and Marine Biology.

University of Manchester

Courses at University of Manchester include Mathematics, Arabic, and Criminology for this year’s Clearing period and there are 207 courses with vacancies.

Newcastle University

There are 140 courses at Newcastle University with vacancies this year including English Literature, Computer Science, and Marketing.

University of Nottingham

There will be two courses available at University of Nottingham during Clearing 2017, including Nursing.

Queen Mary University of London

There 194 vacancies spread across a range of courses such as Film Studies, Drama, and Economics. Find our more about Queen Mary University of London.

Queen’s University Belfast

This university has 200 vacancies at Queen’s University Belfast, including places on courses including Zoology, French, and Architecture.

University of Sheffield

There will be 286 course vacancies available at the University of Sheffield for subjects including Japanese Studies, Music, and Biology.

University of Southampton

Spanish, Ecology, and Management are just some of the courses in Clearing at University of Southampton, with 285 courses in total.

University of Warwick

There are 98 vacancies at University of Warwick for courses including History, Psychology, Electrical Engineering, and Philosophy.

University of York

There are 194 course vacancies for subjects such as Physics, Heritage Studies, and Linguistics at University of York.