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3D Computer Animation



Advertising and Brand Design


Ancient and Medieval History

Ancient Civilisations

Ancient History

Ancient History and Anthropology

Ancient History and Heritage Studies

Ancient History and History

Ancient History with Ancient Egyptian Culture

Ancient History with Education Studies

Ancient History with Heritage Management

Ancient History with Latin

Ancient History, Anthropology, Education Studies

Ancient History, Archaeology, Education Studies

Ancient History, Classical Studies, Education Studies

Ancient History, History, Education Studies

Ancient History, Religious Studies, Education Studies


Anthropology and Chinese Studies

Anthropology and English

Anthropology and Heritage Studies

Anthropology History Education Studies

Anthropology with Applied Psychology

Anthropology with Education Studies

Anthropology with Heritage Management

Anthropology, Archaeology, Education Studies

Anthropology, English, Education Studies

Anthropology, Religious Studies, Education Studies

Applied Anthropology

Applied Computing

Applied Computing | BSc Four-Year Foundation Entry

Applied Drama

Applied Psychology


Archaeology and Anthropology

Archaeology and Heritage Studies

Archaeology of Egypt and the Near East

Archaeology Professional Practice

Archaeology with Ancient Egyptian Culture

Archaeology with Education Studies

Archaeology with Forensic Studies

Archaeology with Heritage Management

Architectural Technology


Automotive Design

Automotive Engineering - BSc | HND

Automotive Engineering - MEng | BEng

Automotive Engineering | BEng Four-Year Foundation Entry


Building Surveying

Business and Finance

Business and Management

Business Information Technology (BIT)

Business Information Technology | BSc Four-Year Foundation Entry

Business Management


Celtic Studies

Chinese Civilisation and Anthropology

Chinese Civilisation and English

Chinese Civilisation and Medieval Studies

Chinese Civilisation and Philosophy

Chinese Civilisation and Religious Studies

Chinese Studies

Chinese Studies and Heritage Studies

Chinese Studies and History

Chinese Studies and Medieval Studies

Chinese Studies and Religious Studies

Chinese Studies with Education Studies

Chinese Studies with Heritage Management

Civil Engineering and Environmental Management

Classical Civilisation

Classical Studies

Classical Studies and Archaeology

Classical Studies and Creative Writing

Classical Studies and Heritage Studies

Classical Studies and Religious Studies

Classical Studies and Theology

Classical Studies with Ancient Egyptian Culture

Classical Studies with Education Studies

Classical Studies with Greek

Classical Studies with Heritage Management

Classical Studies with Latin

Classical Studies, Anthropology, Education Studies

Classical Studies, Archaeology, Education Studies

Classical Studies, History, Education Studies

Classical Studies, Religious Studies, Education Studies


Computer Games Development

Computer Games Development | BSc Four-Year Foundation Entry

Computer Networks

Computer Networks | BSc Four-Year Foundation Entry

Computer Systems and Electronics

Computer Systems and Electronics (4 Year including foundation entry)

Computing and Information Systems

Computing and Information Systems | BSc Four-Year Foundation Entry

Conflict and War

Counselling Skill and Interdisciplinary Studies

Counselling Studies and Psychology

Creative Computer Games Design

Creative Writing

Creative Writing and English

Creative Writing and Heritage Studies

Creative Writing and Philosophy

Creative Writing and Publishing

Creative Writing with Education Studies

Creative Writing with Heritage Management

Cultural Industries Management *



Digital Film & Television Production


Early Childhood (Flexible Learning Route)

Early Years Education and Care

Early Years Education and Care - 2 Years

Early Years Education and Care (Early Years Practitioner)

Education Studies

Education Studies and Psychology

Education Studies: Additional Learning Needs & Inclusion

Education Studies: Contemporary Learners & Learning

Education Studies: International Perspectives

Education Studies: Primary

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Energy and Environmental Engineering - MEng | BEng

Energy and Environmental Engineering | BEng Four-Year Foundation Entry


English and Chinese Studies

English and Classical Studies

English and Heritage Studies

English and Publishing

English with Education Studies

English with Heritage Management

English with TEFL

English, Ancient History, Education Studies

English, Archaeology, Education Studies

English, Classical Studies, Education Studies

English, History, Education Studies

English, Philosophy, Education Studies

English, Religious Studies, Education Studies

Environmental Archaeology

Environmental Conservation

Environmental Studies

Ethical and Political Studies

Events Management

Extreme Sports Engineering - MEng | BEng

Extreme Sports Engineering | BEng Four-Year Foundation Entry


Film and Visual Culture

Fine Art: Studio Site & Context

Foundation Degree in Inclusive Education


Glass (Architectural Arts)

Glass (Contemporary Practice)

Graphic Design


Health and Care of Children and Young People

Health and Social Care

Health Management

Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle

Heritage Studies

Heritage Studies with Digital Humanities

Heritage Studies with Museums & Archives

Heritage Studies with Nautical Archaeology


History and Ancient History

History and Anthropology

History and Archaeology

History and English

History and Heritage Studies

History and Theology

History with Education Studies

History with Heritage Management

History, Archaeology, Education Studies

Human Resource Management

Humanistic Counselling




International Business

International Development, Humanitarianism & Law

International Hotel Management

International Sports Management

International Travel and Tourism Management


Law and Business

Law and Public Service

Leisure Management

Logistics and Supply Chain Management - BSc | HND

Logistics and Transport - BSc | HND


Management Skills for the Workplace

Manufacturing Systems Engineering - BEng

Marketing Management

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering - MEng | BEng

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering | BEng Four-Year Foundation Entry

Mechanical Engineering - MEng | BEng

Mechanical Engineering | BEng Four-Year Foundation Entry

Medieval Studies

Medieval Studies and Anthropology

Medieval Studies and Archaeology

Medieval Studies and Classical Studies

Medieval Studies and English

Medieval Studies and Heritage Studies

Medieval Studies and History

Medieval Studies and Modern Historical Studies

Medieval Studies with Heritage Management

Medieval Studies with Latin

Mental Health

Modern Historical Studies

Modern Historical Studies with Heritage Management

Motorcycle Engineering - MEng | BEng

Motorcycle Engineering | BEng Four-Year Foundation Entry

Motorsport Engineering - BSc | HND

Motorsport Engineering - MEng | BEng

Motorsport Engineering | BEng Four-Year Foundation Entry

Motorsport Management - BSc | HND

Music Technology


Nautical Archaeology

New Media Production


Outdoor Adventure Education


Performing Arts (Contemporary Performance)


Philosophy and Anthropology

Philosophy and Chinese Studies

Philosophy and Classical Studies

Philosophy and English

Philosophy and Heritage Studies

Philosophy and History

Philosophy and Medieval Studies

Philosophy and Theology

Philosophy with Applied Psychology

Philosophy with Education Studies

Philosophy with Heritage Management

Philosophy, Ancient History, Education Studies

Philosophy, Anthropology, Education Studies

Philosophy, Archaeology, Education Studies

Philosophy, Classical Studies, Education Studies

Philosophy, History, Education Studies

Philosophy, Religion and Applied Psychology

Philosophy, Religious Studies, Education Studies

Photography in the Arts

Photojournalism & Documentary Photography

Physical Education


Primary Education with QTS

Product Design

Product Design & Technology

Project & Construction Management


Public Health

Public Services


Quantity Surveying


Religion, Ethics and Applied Psychology

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

Religion, Theology and Ethics

Religion, Theology and Philosophy

Religious Studies

Religious Studies and Anthropology

Religious Studies and Heritage Studies

Religious Studies and Islamic Studies

Religious Studies and Philosophy

Religious Studies and Theology

Religious Studies with Applied Psychology

Religious Studies with Education Studies

Religious Studies with Heritage Management

Religious Studies, Archaeology, Education Studies

Religious Studies, History, Education Studies

Rural Enterprise Management


Social Studies: Additional Needs

Social Studies: Advocacy

Social Studies: Communities, Families and Individuals

Social Studies: Health and Social Care

Software Engineering

Software Engineering | BSc Four-Year Foundation Entry

Sport and Exercise Science (Clinical Exercise Physiology)

Sport and Exercise Science (Outdoor Fitness)

Sport and Exercise Science (Personal Training)

Sport and Exercise Science (Sports Nutrition)

Sport and Exercise Science

Sport and Health

Sport Therapy

Sports Management

Stadium and Sports Facility Management

Surface Pattern Design (Fashion Object)

Surface Pattern Design (Maker)

Surface Pattern Design (Textiles for Fashion)

Surface Pattern Design (Textiles for Interiors)


Theatre Design and Production

Theology and Heritage Studies

Theology and Religious Studies

Theology with Education Studies

Theology with Heritage Management

Theology, Philosophy and Ethics

Theology, Religion and Applied Psychology

Tourism Management

Transport Design


Watersports Management

Web Development

Web Development | BSc Four-Year Foundation Entry

Work with Young People, Families and Communities: Community Development and Families

Work with Young People, Families and Communities: Health and Well-being

Working with Young People, Families and Communities: Youth Work


Youth and Community Work

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