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Moving away from home for the first time is a situation faced by many of our students when starting University, but our accommodation options enable you to make the right choice to feel at home while studying here. At the University of Chichester there are many different types of accommodation to suit a range of needs.

Halls of Residence

Chichester _accom 03Living in Halls of Residence is a popular experience. Being on campus makes it easier to meet other students and make new friends. You may find you meet people from other courses and  develop good friendships within days of settling into your accommodation. To help this process there are many on-campus activities and events throughout the year which will give your social life a real boost! On campus everything is close at hand which helps minimise your travel expenses.

All our halls offer a safe and secure environment and there are security staff available throughout the night. If you choose to live on campus Student Hall Representatives will help you settle into your hall of residence. They are also available if you have any problems or want guidance or advice throughout the year, as are the Accommodation Office staff.

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Rented private housing

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The prospect of finding yourself private accommodation doesn't have to be a daunting task. Of course it seems like that when you start, as students often feel under pressure to make a quick decision without enough information to base those decisions on.

We have an accreditation scheme for the off-campus accommodation we advertise. This means landlords have agreed to follow a certain code of conduct to ensure the fair and efficient management of their properties, and that they meet all health & safety requirements. For more information, please visit accredited property information.

Chichester _accom 02The University of Chichester Landlords Code of Practice compliments and extends the Chichester and Arun Landlords Accreditation Scheme and has particular reference to the shared student housing market. Please see Landlords Code of Practice for more information.

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