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Reasons why you should consider studying at Chichester.

Student Satisfaction

Chichester continues to rank highly in the National Student Survey which rates student satisfaction with their university courses. For the third year since the survey began, Chichester can be proud of its student satisfaction success.


The University of Chichester has an excellent track record for student retention. A Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee, showed Chichester as the top-performing university in the country for improving student retention.

High Academic Standards

We have very high academic standards here at Chichester, having repeatedly achieved good results in inspections by Government Inspectors from the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) and OfSTED, this is reflected in our reputation for teaching excellence.

Excellent Courses and Programmes

We offer a range of excellent degrees courses, and provide professional preparation for a variety of careers. Most courses are offered on a part-time basis as well as full-time.

Learning Resources

We have excellent facilities for learning and research with a dedicated support staff.

Attractive Place to Live and Work

We are located in a very attractive part of the country. Chichester is situated between two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty -– the undulating countryside of the South Downs and the beautiful landscape of Chichester harbour.

Excellent Social Life

The University has an active Students' Union which run many events including student balls, comedy nights and live bands. The Students' Union is also responsible for sporting activities and clubs as well as running two student bars, one on each campus. There are plenty of pubs and bars to choose from in the area, as well as nightclubs with different music scenes to suit your taste.

Diverse Student Population

We attract a diverse group of students from a variety of different backgrounds and ages. Because we are a small university, it's also easy to get to know people and make friends quickly. The University places great emphasis on creating a friendly and supportive environment for students to study in.

Sporting Elite

The University has a well-established Olympic heritage dating back to the 1988 Seoul Games, and continues to be involved in the training and preparation of Olympic athletes.