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Music, Industry, Education... In Sync


Music, Industry, Education... In Sync


Three state-of-the-art recording and production studios

Incredible spaces, amazing facilities, unbeatable experiences… it’s all here at Cable Plaza. Resonance offers three industry-quality, full-size recording and production studios giving students a wealth of opportunities to hone your skills and give full rein to your imagination.


Radio Station (hosting Black Country Radio)

Resonance has two fully-equipped broadcast rooms along with two smaller vocal tracking rooms (VTRs). These are occupied by local community radio station Black Country Radio. Having BCR on site means that our students will have fabulous opportunities for degree-related projects, community partnerships and work experience.


Rehearsal rooms, practice and meeting rooms

Eight large sound-proofed rehearsal rooms

Yes, you read that right. We have no fewer than eight sizeable spaces giving you all the room you need to practise and perform as a band. The largest of our rehearsal rooms can even accommodate a small audience.


Lecture theatre, teaching rooms and music technology suites

220-capacity lecture theatre

The biggest space on campus, the lecture theatre will host visiting speakers on a regular basis as well as providing a flexible multi-functional venue for events.

Over 200 people can enjoy a lecture theatre atmosphere, and the seats can all be packed away to allow the room to be used for presentations, performances and more.

Five large teaching rooms

Traditional teaching spaces with added flexibility – all IT and teaching aids can be brought in and removed giving teaching staff and students the choice to run their lessons the way they want to.

Two music technology suites

As one DAW closes, another DAW opens! Filled with individual workstations with iMacs running the latest DAW software programs, instruments and plug-ins, these are great creative spaces for composers, producers and performers to experiment and learn.


Listening room, video production and green screen suite

Custom-designed listening room

Your music will sound fabulous on playback in the production studio, but it’s not always the same in the real world when it will be listened to on anything from a state-of-the-art sound system to a cheap and cheerful MP3 player.


Eating, socialising and relaxing


Forget the big-brand coffee shops you find in other places: the Resonance on-site café is run by local people with a passion for sourcing fresh, local produce.

There’s a variety of healthy food and snacks along with hot and cold drinks, including the best coffee money can buy. We know – we’ve tested them all.

Library and education/resource centre

Looking for a place to get away from it all to meet with friends, write, read or just relax? You’ve found it here.

We like to think of this space as a pub without a bar – somewhere with the same convivial atmosphere but with all the paper-based and digital resources you need for the project you’re working on.

Student chill-out zone

This place does what it says on the tin and gives you a place to flop down in comfy seats, chill and relax, with full-strength Wi-Fi and a view of the Dudley Number 1 canal (that’s its official name).

We’ve commissioned a very special mural for the chill-out zone, too – combining a musical timeline of the Black Country, the development of musical instruments and local and world events that have shaped how we see, hear and play music today.


Cable Plaza
Waterfront West
Brierley Hill
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