Literature Degree Courses

If you are fascinated by the written word and have an unquenchable thirst for reading then studying Literature may be for. Most Literature degrees are assessed through short and long form essay writing or written examinations, so make sure you're just as comfortable putting sentences together as you are at unpicking them. You will be taught how to read and analyse texts from multiple theoretical perspectives and will be asked to complete regular essays drawing on both primary and secondary literary sources. Unlike English Literature, a more general Literature course may focus on various texts from around the world. Be sure to check each individual syllabus in more detail before choosing your course. 

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Telecommunications Degree Courses

The telecommunications industry has flourished in the last few decades, with mobile communications bringing access to telephone and Internet networks to the most remote corners of our planet. Of course, the science and logistics of achieving this has also required an increase in the number of university courses preparing graduates for work in the field. Most will have a strong background in science, particularly physics, and a methodical approach to problem solving. With a relatively small number of specialist courses, and a still expanding industry, gaining a degree in Telecommunications could prove rewarding, both intellectually and professionally, for those with an interest in the field.

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The ApplytoUni guide to studying a French degree

If you’ve got an interest in foreign cultures and an aptitude for languages studying Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) to degree level can be rewarding and lead to a wide variety of careers.

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Travel and Tourism Degree Courses

Travel and tourism are big money industries, with the complex practical logistics that go with it. To make sure that other people's holidays go as planned, Travel and Tourism graduates must have a keen eye for detail and good organisational skills. Never forget that you will be working within a customer-focused industry too, so a passion for communication and an ability to talk to all types of people is an advantage. There are a huge number of different areas in which you might end up working, from hospitality to marketing, so expect to cover a number of topics within the course and to undertake a range of project work.

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